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Prescription Drug Plan

Part D is known as Medicare prescription drug coverage. It is an important part of the federal Medicare program and was created in order to help cover the costs of prescription drugs, which have long been a source of financial ruin for Medicare beneficiaries. Part D plans are offered by health insurance companies and other private companies that must abide by the rules set forth by Medicare.

Part D covers:
Outpatient prescription drugs. However, some drugs may be actually covered under Part B (medical insurance (link to Part B)) instead of Part D. Drugs covered under other Parts of Medicare and not Part D tend to be drugs that you cannot administer yourself - things like nebulizer solutions administered via a nebulizer machine, chemotherapy, most injections and infusions and more.

Part D does not cover:
over-the-counter medications like cough syrup or antacids. some prescription drugs, such as Viagra, when it is used for erectile dysfunction; medicines used to help you grow hair; medicines that help you gain or lose weight; or most prescription vitamins.

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